Reaching for the Moon
Everglades Moon Local Council, representing the Florida Chapter of Covenant of the Goddess, a national organization of Wiccans and Witches. We present talks about: Herbology, Astrology, Crafty ideas, Workshops, Divination, Poems and Songs, articles of various topics, and all things Wicca! Visit our page Like us on Facebook Follow us on twitter @emlctweets Find out more about Covenant of the Goddess at

In this Episode we feature: 

"Llew" a song by SilverBranch from their album "Hand to Hand" which sadly is no longer available. 

Panel Discussion on "The Wicker Man" movie presentation, by Manny, Canu, and Heather Greene/ 

Walk the Talk: Feastware - by Lady Bridget

"Summer of the Fae" a song by Mama Gina from her album, "Goddess Kiss'd". You can learn more about Mama Gina and purchase her music at

Reaching for the Moon is a podcast production of Everglades Moon Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess,

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