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Oct 14, 2015

Reaching for the Moon is a production of Everglades Moon Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess

In this Episode we feature:  

Astronomy with Aequitas, "Scorpio and Sagittarius" 

Pandie's Pagan Projects making "Samhain Candles" 

"Autumn in Asheville" by Emerald Rose from their album "Archives of Ages to Come" which can be purchased from

It'll Grow On You with Lord Rieking featuring the Medicinal uses for Spices in Your Kitchen, this time with the letters H and L. 

Lord Coyote Morningstar shares an "Ancestor Prayer and Altar Setup"

"We Do Not Die" by Velvet Hammer (and Ginger Doss) which can be found on the album "Best of Pagan Song" and is available on Amazon.  More of Ginger's music can be purchased at

FooDoo with Qabal making "Yogurt" 

Nice Witch with Shaylee "Accommodations"

"Summerlands" also by Emerald Rose which can be found on their album "Fire in the Head" and can be purchased at

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