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Oct 21, 2014

Everglades Moon Local Council is the Florida Chapter for Covenant of the Goddess.

 In the 8th Episode of Reaching for the Moon:

Join us in celebrating the thinning of the veil as we delve into the Season of Samhain!

Sirona interviews Gypsey Teague about her book, “Steampunk Magic”.

Kasha reviews “Make Magic of Your Life” by T. Thorn Coyle

Aequitas’ workshop "How to Use Planetary Days and Hours in your Magic" as recorded at the 2013 Turning the Tide celebration in Miami

Our popular “It’ll Grow on You” segment is back! Lord Riekin shares tips for planting on November 1st.

Lady Mari of Sacred Forest Coven shares her poetry, “Samhain Poem”

“Samhain” by Aradia from Songs for All Seasons

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