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Oct 21, 2016

Reaching for the Moon is a podcast production of Everglades Moon Local Council ( of Covenant of the Goddess ( In this epidosde we feature: 

"Shadow" song by Ginger Doss from her album "This Cocoon". You can learn more about Ginger Doss and purchase her music at

FooDoo with Qabal: Making Italian Sausage Bread

Pandie's Pagan Projects: Making a Witch Hat Door Decoration

"Blood Moon" song by Mama Gina from her album "Solitaire".  You can learn more about Mama Gina and purchase her music at 

It'll Grow on You with Lord Riekin: Making essential oil mosquito repellent

NIce Witch with Shaylee: What to bring for Potluck feast? 

"The Wild Hunt" song by Emerald Rose from their album "Sunwise". Learn more about Emerald Rose and purchase their music at

And that's our show!  Let us know how you like it by sending us comments. Here's how - 

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