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Aug 2, 2013

Everglades Moon Local Council is the Florida Chapter for Convenant of the Goddess 

In the 5th episode of Reaching for the Moon: 

Announcing the Dates for Turning the Tide 2013! Dece 6-8 Featuring Mama Gina. She performs her NEW song live, The Day the Pagans Came to Town 

Pagan Parenting: Back to School - Talking about Wicca with your child's new teacher 

Pandie's Pagan Project: Lammas Candles for your altar 

It'll Grow on You with Lord Riekin: Cayenne Pepper and Garlic 

CoG Ground Council 2013 is coming soon! Look for posts, pics and tweets the week of August 5th 

"Riekin's Brew" by Lady Bridget from Voices of the Goddess 

Interview with Amber Moon, VP of Officers of Avalon 

Kasha's Money Making Workshop Part 2: Candle Magic 

"Magickal Child" by Lady Bridget and the Belladonas from Voices of the Goddess 

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