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Jun 20, 2020

In this program we bring you part two of Aquitas's Astrology beginner class week 1.  Get your own personalized readings at StarsbyJoseph on Instagram or Facebook. 

Mwww.cog.orgama Gina sings "Hail the Sun" and you can purchase her music at

Then Shaylee shares with us her Casting and Releasing...

Apr 30, 2020

Welcome to the "Pandemic" Edition! 

Learn about astrology with Stars by Joseph, and you can learn more from Joseph on Instagram or Twitter @StarsbyJoseph or email him at

Listen to the "Brownie Song" by Mama Gina from her album "The Undertaker's Daughter" which can be purchased at

Mar 17, 2020


"We are the Witches" song by the Crow Women from their new album "Seasons".  Learn more about them and purchase their music at

Aquitas presents his workshop "The Goddess Asteroids", and you can book a personal reading with him at

Pandie's Pagan Projects features dyeing...

Feb 11, 2020

We're bringing you:

Song by Crow Women "Winter Vows" from the album "Seasons". Learn about the Crow Women and purchase their music at

Next, Pandie's Pagan Projects tells you how to make firestarters from stuff you already have around the house.

Lady Athena shares her expertise in her workshop...

Dec 11, 2019

We bring you an interview with Marilyn of the Crow Women, and we feature two of their songs from their new album "Seasons" which can be purchased on  "Darkness Holy Be' and "Long, Long Night".  

Alpandia brings another of Pandie's Pagan Projects, and she teaches you how to make ornaments out of...