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Jun 9, 2015

In this episode, we present an edited version of Kasha's workshop from Equinox in the Oaks about How to Make and Use Florida Water. Next Lady Bridget gives us more Tarot Tips on the Nicknames for the Cards. "Fire in the Head" is a lively tune from Emerald Rose, from their album of the same name that can be found on their WEBSITE.  Coyote Morningstar shares his experiences with creating the "7 Sacred Waters", and then Lord Riekin continues with his series "It'll Grow on You" of the Medicinal uses of your spice cabinet,alphabetically featuring the letters D-F. We end the show with a fun tune by Emerald Rose called "Fairies Stole my Keys" from their album, Con Suite which can be purchased at  Blessed Be!

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